Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bubba, CGC

Now another member of the family has three initials after their name.  One PhD, one CGC.  Canine Good Citizen, that is.

We just finished a six week class on Advanced Manners at Fuzzy Buddy's in Seattle.  Every Sunday afternoon we've left the house renovation for an hour class at Greenlake.  Some things he was already great at - sit, down, stay, and coming when called.  Other things - like walking on a loose lead and not reacting to other dogs - that's what we needed to work on.  I was having a hard time with those.  I had tried multiple things to get him to stop pulling on the leash pretty much unsuccessfully, and he needed more practice and positive reinforcement on ignoring other dogs when on leash.

Today was the last class where he took the test.  He had to:

  1. Accept a friendly stranger greeting his owner.
  2. Allow the stranger to pet him.
  3. Let the stranger groom him.
  4. Walk on a loose lead.
  5. Walk politely through a crowd.
  6. Sit and lie down on command and stay in place.
  7. Come when called.
  8. React appropriately to another dog.
  9. React appropriately to distractions.
  10. Calmly endure supervised separation from the owner.

He did really well and passed his test.  Now he's officially a good boy.
In other news, Greenlake isn't just a great place to take your dog on a warm spring day.  It's also a pretty good outing for your baby chicks apparently.

Which is what was in this lady's makeshift, travel, 2x4 pen.

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the middleman, PhD :) said...

Way to go, Bubba! And about the chicks... that's sort of ridiculous... next thing you know, this lady is going to be walking them on a leash!