Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy birthday...

... to the best mom ever!

(just under the wire!... I rely on Life Balance so much to tell me what to do, sometimes I don't use my own brain until 11pm)

p.s. I hope she realizes she got her birthday present in December... it's was a little thing called the first hat I ever knitted from my favorite hat pattern ever!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Grocery store confessions

I love grocery store lines. People can't hide their stories in grocery store lines. I went to
Safeway at 9 pm for refrigerated cinnamon rolls and mini-marshmallows. Also picked up Sun chips and Dreyer's Rocky Road ice cream. Oh, look at the calendar! That makes sense!

(Rocky Road ice cream sidenote: Do not try to pass off marshmallow swirl in my rocky road. Taking something I can dig out of the ice cream and turning it into part of the ice cream is a cop-out and it will not fly! I'm talking to you, Haagen-Dazs.)

The girl in front of me had Wheat Thins, bananas, 1% milk, and Special K bars and cereal. Clearly she was on a different plan. The guy behind me? Two bottles of wine and some flowers. The guy behind him? Bagged salad, salad dressing, and a single serving of fresh salmon.

On a separate (related?) note, I have never ever in my life been more tempted to ram my car into another as I was tonight following this shiny, white Ford Focus that was going sooooo sloooooooow all the way home. If I would have had one of those cow/bumper shield thingies on my car there would now be a crumpled, white Ford Focus almost nearing a parking spot in my lot right about now.