Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthday week accomplished

Hello friends.  I had a great birthday week.  It started with presents and flowers.  

And cupcakes.   

I bought myself a plant at one of our many Home Depot runs.

I'm so helpful.
Mr. Renaissance had a birthday surprise for me.  We were going to do it on Saturday night.  But then Friday morning, after my birthday dinner at Rover's with Halterwhip and The Shutterbug, I woke up pretty tired.  You see we've been sleeping on a full size bed.  Me, a 200 lb man, and a dog.  Bubba got kicked off the bed in the middle of that night, but it didn't help much.  Bed. too. small!

So Friday morning we decided to upgrade to a king size bed.  I hadn't wanted to change beds until we moved - it seemed like too much work - but we were obviously in a too small bed.  And I acquiesced.  

And it took up three days.

We had to go to a few stores to try mattresses, pick out a frame and comforter at IKEA, buy new sheets at Target, take the old bed apart, move the pile of boxes out of the dining room and into the new shed to make room to store the old bed, transfer the underbed storage to the new underbed storage, prewash the linens, put the new bed together, and make the bed.  

Whew.  It was exhausting.  And the first few nights the new memory foam mattress had to outgas.  Meaning it has VOCs that need to come off the mattress (apparently like new car upholstery).  But it was so so strong.  We seriously thought about returning the mattress after the first night.  It's gotten much better* and it's comfortable.  

But the size?  The size is amazing.  The bedroom actually looks bigger than it did with the smaller bed. And Mr. Renaissance let me pick a white metal frame and lavender bedding.  

Doesn't it look great?
So I still have a birthday surprise to redeem.  Although I'm not sure when we'll do it.  Weekend fill up fast and Slutbag is coming this weekend! 

* We still might trade the mattress in though.  We'll see.


T-Rex said...

FYI, I personally own the best mattress ever. Anyone who has ever slept on it, friend or lover, remarks on how amazing it is. Some have gone on to buy the exact same mattress. It changed my life. It is an Ortho Conform E/T. Just in case you need to change...

Hoeface said...

T-Rex, what is this mattress you speak of, link please?

T-Rex said...

It is sold by Ortho Mattress, which at least has stores in California, and the model is Conform E/T. I don't see it on their website, but I don't think their website shows all of their mattresses. My mom just bought one last November. I love the mattress because it is firm but with a memory-foam like top layer so it is just the right mix. I've had it for about 7 years now and it's still great as day 1. I don't believe it has any springs in it, or if it does they are not the primary support system and it is quite heavy/flexible.

It is truly amazing.