Monday, March 12, 2012


Maybe I'll make you some of this guacamole some day...

(Found over at Serious Eats during my morning rotation)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sorry for having a vagina

In lieu of posting a whole tirade about: misogyny in America; and insurance not covering birth control; and about how birth control reduces abortions (which given that uber-Conservatives don't give a shit about this just proves it's not about babies, it's about keeping women in their place); and about how without birth control women must either be celibate or not have careers; and how it's a panel of men making these decisions; and about how apparently we're not even going to mention the hypocrisy of Viagra; and about how if men are allowed to have sex without being called slutty, but women are not, then men should have sex with men?  wait, you're against that too?  hmmm...

In lieu of all that, because I'm currently too busy making science and designing my dream kitchen (only one of those things is Conservative-sanctioned), just go here.

It's my favorite thing this week.