Sunday, July 10, 2011

That one holiday in July

Anyone still interested in what I did for the Fourth of July weekend?  No?  Okay then.  I'm telling you anyway.  

It involved a drag/burlesque/cabaret show on Friday, "Freedom Fantasia", from the makers of my new favorite Christmas tradition, "Homo for the Holidays".  
It was irreverent, fun, smart, and sassy!  Yeah, I said "sassy".

Then on Saturday The Violent Offender and I went paddleboarding in Lake Washington.  It. was. awesome.  Beautiful day, clear skies, warmish water, mountain and city views all while rowing yourself along on a giant surfboard.  Pretty cool.  That was followed by a BBQ at The Violent Offender's house.  It was fun and the food was yummy!  The Violent Offender makes a MEAN pie.  I'm serious.  My grandmother who passed away when I was 5 made an amazing strawberry-rhubarb pie.  No one has the recipe.  We are all super sad about it.  But The Violent Offender made a strawberry-rhubarb pie and that was it.  She did it.  She made the pie I've been waiting nearly 30 years to eat again.  

Bubba and his new friend Gizmo (if by friend we understand this to mean someone with whom one has an intense [and literal] pissing contest with) tried to yoink some.  

Thanks to The Violent Offender's BF for the pic.
They were not successful.  

Sunday Tina Turnher and her lady and I took the dogs to Discovery Park for a little hike.  It was beautiful. 

See Mt. Rainier in the distance?
Our hike took us past some old military housing, through a prarie-looking field, through some forest, and then down onto the beach.
See the snow-capped mountains?  And the sun?  And the boats?  This is what summer is like here.
Here he is needing a little person-time.  He wasn't so sure about that wet sand.

Mt. Rainier again!
Bubba, the one who hates water, actually ran ankles deep through the puddley parts of the Sound.  And then proceeded to run like a maniac.

Monday we just had a little low-key day.  Read some books, watched some movies, made some food.  And when the fireworks started and someone needed a little more cuddle time than usual, I was happy to oblige.


hwhip said...

Dude, you're getting your violent offenders and your halterwhips mixed up.

V.O. made the pie, but I gave her the recipe :P

Eliska said...

Crap! Now fixed.

Were you surprised at all the fun you had up here or what?

hwhip said...

A little jealous. Plus, that dreamboat boyfriend!