Sunday, July 17, 2011

Epsom bath success!

That stuff amazes me every time.  I used to think Epsom salts were stupid, could not possibly work, and had to be some sort of old wives' tale.  Turns out they work because of science and cells and chemistry and stuff, but it always feels to me like pure magic.

p.s. That's all I've gotten done so far.


the middleman said...

so what is the ratio; salts:water? Or how much should I put in a regular tub? Will it cure the neck pain from my accident?!! PS- I'm glad the dates are going well! I'm excited!!!
PS- I'm in KS this week and it's freakin' hot. 110 today...

Eliska said...

I put 2 cups in a regular bathtub. You need to put more in than your/and my frugality might be happy with.

Probably won't cure your pain from the accident. I think it mostly works with lactic acid soreness.

I heard that about Kansas! Better go find yourself a pond to swim in!

the middleman said...

Thanks! 2 cups it is. I'm going to try this at my new place.