Sunday, October 16, 2011

RIP Little Elph

I killed my camera.  In a Epsom salt foot bath in Montana.  Mr. Renaissance tried to save it in a rubbing alcohol solution, and now it turns on, but that's about it.  D.E.A.D.

I can't figure out how I should replace it.  You see, I also have this waterproof housing for it, which I think only fits the Canon Powershot SD1000.

So my first option is to buy the exact same camera used for $90.  Not super exciting, but I know how to use it and I'll still have the waterproof housing (which in my current lifestyle I don't really use all that much I'll admit).

The second option is to buy a new updated Canon Elph.  But there are sooooo many options.  It's getting confusing.

Look - this one's even waterproof.  But $270.

What about the Canon Elph Powershot 300 HS?  Only $190.

Oh, wait a minute.  The Canon Elph Powershot 310 HS has 8x optical zoom instead of the 5x of the 300 HS.  $250.  And purple!

The 510 HS has the fastest shutter speed (I think) and a decent paparazzi-mode.  12x zoom - that's pretty cool.  $320.

OR, I could buy a fancier camera - NOT a DSL, I'm not ready for that, but something more that direction...

Something like the SX30 IS?  35x zoom, faster shutter speed, but is there video and does the paparazzi-mode suck?  $350.  What about the SX40 HS?  $400.

Here's what I want - 
  • Fast shutter speed
  • High optical zoom
  • Video
  • Time-lapse video would be sweet
  • Stitch-assist
  • I do love paparazzi-mode
  • Inexpensive waterproof option would be a bonus
  • under $500 - I'll probably have to wait until next year's tax refund as it is

Please help me!


VO said...

Iphone 4S camera is pretty freakin awesome.

bajabucky said...

My recommendation in the short run is to get the used ELPH, because you are correct, housings are camera model specific.

I also would not recommend an already waterproof model because you lose some features (depending on the manufacturer) for the waterproofedness in order to keep the price from being exorbitant.

My next point and shoot will be this camera. It's under $500 and an awesome camera. My G7 finally bit the dust and although I LOVE my DSLR (especially with the fixed 50 lens) I don't always want it out on rainy hikes, plus it doesn't shoot video and you really need video when you're hiking with Jasmine...but it is also bulkier than the ELPHs but less bulky than the SX30. I super loved my G7 to death.

hwhip said...

1. Get an iphone. It's such a fucking excellent machine. Like I was trying to find this place in SF, and I was like, "iphone, where is xyz gallery" and iphone knew where to go and I didnt' have to type anything.

2. The iphone camera is good, so you never have to haul another device around. This is very important if you don't have an handbag.

3. You can get waterproof cases for iphones. And applecare!

4. It's so awesome when Siri tells you where to go. Siri is the best copilot.

5. You don't have to carry an ipod any more, unless you get the stupid 16gb phone, but you can get the one with the most gbs and that will solve all problems

6. We can be joined as a family, finally. If it's OK with Will, the head of the household. It is a traditional family. Which is good, because I don't trust VO.