Monday, October 24, 2011

I may self-combust

The fact that I don't have an old brown recliner is probably my saving grace.  I really feel like people who self-combust always leave wisps of smoke from a charred still-rocking brown recliner.  So there's that.

But anyway, work is nuts.  I have to put together a two-day workshop at work for 30 people plus some other people who will be joining remotely.  This includes:
  1. Keeping in email contact with all these people and keeping track of their schedules.
  2. Acting as hostess in a way to a room full of people I don't know.  I'll be studying names and faces.
  3. Buying the food and coffee and tea and getting all that set up.  
  4. Finding someone to make the coffee for me.  I make terrible coffee.
  5. Making sure everyone's presentations are done by Thursday morning.
  6. Trying to make sure the work gets done to put into the presentations for Thursday morning.
  7. Putting together a presentation of my own with results that don't yet exist from models that haven't yet been run (or finished).
  8. Writing a chunk of code (one small piece of #7) in Fortran (which up until yesterday I didn't know at all) on economics.
Wish me luck.  I'll come up to breathe sometime next week.


vo said...

I recommend buying big boxes of brewed coffee from Tullys. That giant coffee maker makes terrible coffee. And takes and hour.

bajabucky said...

and I recommend not trying too hard because apparently even if you rock it out, your boss could still fire you even if HE was the one that almost got into a fistfight with another researcher...just sayin'

hwhip said...

Remember when Lisa was taking her orals and I was supposed to make the coffee, and I decided it wasn't strong enough so I sent the already-brewed coffee through the grounds again for another round of brewing? That was bad fucking coffee.

hwhip said...

PS you'll kill it!! And if you fuck up a little, it'll still be dead.