Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's fall

Aside from the adorableness of dogs in clothes, I'm a little conflicted about the change in weather.  There are a few things that are necessary for me to psychologically survive 9 months of grey/rain/darkness: a fireplace; a hot tub; a cuddly/adorable/sweet significant other; lots and lots of books; and cooking, a lot of cooking.  A tropical getaway is also a bonus.  Luckily for me, aside from the hot tub (and that plan is in the works), I've got all of those things going for me.  I still need to settle the firewood situation, but I have definitely started out the grey season with a lot of reading in bed, and a lot of hermiting.

I do have a lot of books to read.  If you ever want to know how to get your hands on thousands of good books for super cheap, come talk to me.  Ah hell, I'll tell you right now.

  1. Obviously, the Seattle Public Library.  Your local branch may seem small and pathetic, and let's be honest, it might be, but their website is awesome.  You can place a hold on any book in the entire system and have it sent over to your library, and they'll send you an email when it's ready for pickup.  I use the website for all my librarying needs and then just pop in and pick them up.  Also they have e-reader books that you can usually just download to your computer or (hack!) kindle right away.
  2. The Friends of the Seattle Public Library book sale.  Mr. Renaissance found this for me this year.  A giant warehouse of books that are either $1 or $2.  There's a small section of more expensive books that I didn't even set foot in.  Why would I need to, when I walked out with 3 bags of books for $50?  You might think that the books would be old and uninteresting but you'd be wrong.  I got a LOT of books that were on my to-read list and if you're looking for Jonathan Franzen's Freedom (or any others from last year's housewives of America's book club lists), then you're in luck.  They will be scattered all over the place.
  3.  The Half Price Books warehouse sale.  Similar to the Library's book sale but smaller.  Smaller as in not held in an airport hangar.  Totally worthwhile - you'll find lots of good stuff.
  4. Ophelia's Books in Fremont.  I love this place.  It's small, it's cute, they have a store cat, and it's all used books.  They're really friendly, and they don't judge me that I like well-written chick-lit and not Hemingway (even the lady with the piercings that looks all tough).  Prices are around $5-10, books that are super new and popular will probably not be much cheaper than Amazon, but the browsing experience is fun, and they'll buy most of your books back.  I have yet to really figure out how they make enough money to stay open.  So do me a favor and go over there and support them.  
Anyway, it may have become clear from the above treatise on book buying that I've got a lot of books to get through.  There will be a lot of reading in bed this winter.  One of these days when I have a cozy house, there will be a lot of reading in other parts of the house as well.  

And while I'll be spending my winter reading and cooking and trying to keep psychologically and physically warm, the love that has zipped into my life at warp speeds and who here we call Mr. Renaissance has a much bigger project.  Which he has now started officially documenting.  I'll be supportive and lend a hand when I can, but when the jobs consist of pile driving and jack hammering and shoveling dirt, well let's just say my talents likely lie more in making dinner back here.  The days of emotional support from a sunny hammock spot are no longer weather-permitted.  

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