Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Labor Day weekend

Oh boy, I should have written this a long time ago.  But... since this is a few days late, let's just rely heavily on pictures, shall we?

First of all what you need to know is that Bajabucky came to visit from Alaska.  She was in town for a Fish Conference (that I didn't attend since two years into this post-doc I still don't have results per se).  Ahem.  Anyway, she came in a weekend early to hang out.  

Bubba and I picked her up Saturday at her other friend's house near the airport.  Where we had a few beers, yes.

The second thing you need to know is that Bajabucky took most of these photos.  Which is why you may notice the quality is markedly improved.  Markedly.  Improved.

My main man as his snarly underbite normal self.

Then she and I went home (by way of this place), and she cooked some steak and made me a martini (yay!), and I provided the Sierra Nevada and made a salad.  Then we drank and hung out and drank and hung out.

The third thing you need to know is that we had a dinner party on Sunday.  We all know she likes to cook.  I like to eat.  I thought The Violent Offender might want to hang out with us.  Also Mr. Renaissance needed to meet all these friends.  So.  Bajabucky and I set up the iPod and cooked up some stuff.  The Shutterbug, his friend who just moved from New York, the Pennsylvania Dutch, and one of the new housemates (who we're going to go ahead and call Lucille Two) joined us.

This is what I made.  
For full disclosure, I also cleaned up after the Tasmanian Dev... Bajabucky in the kitchen, did some prep work, and set up the table.

Carnitas.  We all know who made this.
Corn!  Because I would not let her make chips.

Tacos with carnitas, crema, queso blanco(?), avocado, homemade salsa, and cabbage.
If I am ever on death row, this will be my last meal.  It was queso melted between two fried tortillas.  This also shows how much I like Mr. Renaissance that I was sharing it with him.  He only got one bite.

Why can't I have ANY?!?! (Reality check: he had a little).  Unrelated note: the vet says he needs to lose a few.
Dinner turned into me pushing beers on people (successful as always), which of course led to karaoke at the local gay bar.  Because that is always a win.  Bajabucky sang an Erasure song, blissed out on the gayness, and may or may not have stolen some people's pulltabs.

Monday Bajabucky, Mr. Renaissance and I made some breakfast and lounged around the house.  After dropping her off at the conference (ha ha!) Mr. Renaissance and I headed over to the sailboat.  It's now become a bit of a thing that we like to hang out on the docked boat and pretend we're going somewhere. Someday, someday.

This is how cool Bubba is on land.

This is how uncool Bubba is near water.  In this case it was bobbing boats and bobbing docks.  Not. a. fan.

Say cheese, buddy!

Uh oh.  Eye boogs on the dog as always.  I usually let these go since they are constant.  Mr. Renaissance however, is a groomer.

Then we went home, Mr. Renaissance made some kick ass nachos with leftover taco fixin's and freshly made cheese bechamel, and we watched a movie in bed.  

Bajabucky was in town for the rest of the week.  We hung out, went out to another gay bar, did some dancing, ate some Vietnamese food, and then the night before she went back to Alaska, I finally packed up her poster that I got mounted on MDF board.  The packing job involved a custom-cut piece of particle board, some foam, bubblewrap, a bunch of cardboard, a third of a roll of duct tape, a Bajabucky out of the way, a boyfriend supplying tape, and much ridiculousness.

This is what I sent her off with for the journey.  

But totally worth it because it made it all the way to Alaska unscathed for $20 instead of $120.  And now this poster that she loves will last decades instead of a few years on the wall.

Labor Day weekend.  It was a really good time.


bajabucky said...

I had an amazing week.5 (not a typo) with you in spite of the fact that I had to allow you to drive me everywhere, buy my beer, not let me make chips, AND not let me pack the picture myself. <3 you in spite of my control issues and <3 you because you accept me regardless.

bajabucky said...

oh, and holy shit sorry got all girly and forgot to say THANKYOUGAWDAMMITFORMYAMAZING POSTER!!