Sunday, September 11, 2011

I am writing this post under duress

So those of you worried that the fact that Mr. Renaissance can now read this blog will change the way I write don't worry.  He has been warned of the fact that I will keep writing unedited.  More to the point, he was a little worried his reading would change the way I write, so warned is a bit of a stretch.  But anyway.

What is happening right now is that he's forcing me to write this post.  You see, we've been in a bit of a crushy/obsessive/love bubble.  In which we stay up 'til 2 am talking, and stick around bed until 2 pm talking and hanging out.  Then we go to work late, some of us stay at work late, and some of us don't get our shit done.  Seeing how I can get a little distracted from work and really need to focus, we've set up some rules.  For the sake of balance, for the sake of productivity, for the sake of sustainability.

We came up with these rules together and they're good, but he's the one forcing me to post them here.  For the sake of accountability.  I don't like sharing my dirty laundry when it comes to weaknesses that have to do with work.  Anything else I'll tell you.  You know that.  But this is hard.

But here they are.  Our new rules.
  1. Both Mr. Renaissance and I must be out of my house by 10 9:30 am on weekdays.
  2. I do not get to open my computer before I get to work.
  3. I do not get to look at facebook or google reader at work except during lunch.
  4. If we both do not get 6 7 good hours of work in Mr. Renaissance does not get to spend the night OR come over.
  5. Our new bedtime is midnight 11:30.  This means the only things we can be doing after midnight 11:30 on weekdays is reading or sleeping (you can pretty much bet I'll be the one reading and he'll be the one sleeping).
So there you go.  This is what it's like to be an adult around these parts.  You know, with jobs and whatnot. 


Anonymous said...

Not really what it's like to be an adult, but I suspect it's the closest we can expect from you at this point.


p.s. -- can i petition for a new nickname? Signing off with hoeface is ridiculous.

mom said...

Rule #4 that's a tough one. Can you earn extra credit if you work more than 6 hours!!!!

Mr. Renaissance said...

Mom, I like the way you think. I think extra credit is totally in order. Does that mean more than 6 hours in a day or a whole extra day of productivity at work?

Also, it's really wierd interacting with you for the first time via blog comments. But it's nice to meet you. :)


PS, hoeface, I tried to petition to get your nickname changed, but it turns out that she doesn't listen to notches...

bajabucky said...

If you don't have to do more than 6 hours of work in a day I don't know why the rest of us have to be punished with Rules #2&3! so! not! fair!

Mom said...

Well nice to meet you too, Mr. Renaissance! I think I'll leave the whole extra credit details to you! -if you know what I mean ;) Just be super to my daughter-she's a sweetheart and she deserves the best!! Looking forward to meeting you in person one of these days.

Mr. Renaissance said...


Everytime I think about your beautiful, intelligent, funny and wonderful daughter; I am reminded how lucky I am to have met her.

So no worries, it would be impossible to be anything less than super to her. :)

bajabucky said...

about gawdamn f'ing time someone said that

Mom said...

Ditto, bajabucky.
Ah contraire, Mr. Renaissance, I like the way YOU think!!