Thursday, August 11, 2011

The NASA space program has been transferred over here

Yep, that's right.  Let me explain.

I've always viewed people as planets - they've got their own way of doing things, their environments and atmospheres are different.  When I meet people (especially in a dating context) it's super interesting - they show you who they are, you get to explore their planet.  And it's something very particular to each person.  When I first start dating someone it's very clear to me that this is an experience that I have never had and will never have again.  And it's true in friendship as well, but friendship moves a lot slower.  You can definitely explore their planet and even more about close friends, but because of the intimacy inherent in dating the process is much more sped up.

It's fascinating and I love it.

You know how some people try snowboarding or marathons and they absolutely love it?  They've found their thing?  Well, I think dating may be my thing.  I love it and it's addicting.  I feel like an astronaut.  I'm suddenly relating to Star Trek episodes in a whole new way (ahem).

So speaking of addicting, this week is quite busy.  Probably a bit too busy, but whatever, sometimes that happens.  I can't perfectly plan everything (read: hardly anything).  Tuesday was a second meet-up, Wednesday was a different second meet-up, Thursday I've got got two first meetings (coffee then drinks a few hours later), Saturday a third date (of the Wednesday second date) and some other time this weekend (Friday?) I've got another second date.

It's been fun so far.  Men are fascinating.  

Over and out,

Blanche Devereaux

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