Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's hard to feel insecure in a new relationship when...

  1. You've got flowers sitting on your bookshelf.  'I like you' flowers, not 'I fucked up' flowers.
  2. You've been told multiple times how intelligent/gorgeous/interesting you are.
  3. His passenger helmet is currently living in your closet.
  4. You've told all other romantically-inclined people in your life that you can't see them anymore and that brings relief.
  5. You know you both have a mental list of all the things you want to do together.
  6. He spent his evening reading your first published paper in its entirety.
Yes, I feel good about this (for the record we're talking about the sailor, who we're going to go ahead and call Mr. Renaissance here).  I thought that fact might mean that I could go a few days without seeing him and be cool about it.  Wrong - I'm completely infatuated.  In the past week we've seen each other Wednesday night to Thursday morning, Friday night to Saturday morning, and Sunday night to Monday morning.  You know Monday?  That day before today?  Yeah, that one.  So what I'm saying is I can only go about 24 hours and be cool about it.  Now I'm starting to twitch.

But, in the interest of not jumping in to an insta-relationship, I'm going to pretend to be cool about it.  I'm going to spend the night watching Mad Men, taking the dog on a jog, and working.  And of course, I'm going to whine to you about it.  Here it goes... I want to see him.  I miss his face.  I want to grab some dinner, talk about our days, give each other the eye, jump into bed and cuddle into his chest, and have to put earplugs in to sleep through the snoring.

But I'm going to jump into the arms of Don Draper instead.  He'll be my tall, dark and handsome #2.

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