Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday, Seattle-style

Today's been a pretty good day. Some of us started out on the porch soaking up the sun.

There's Bubba with his new housemate, a Rottweiler named Murdoc that came with The Baker. Murdoc is the sweetest dog, which is good because Bubba tried his hardest the first few days to run him off his territory. He's getting more used to having the new guy around every day. It helps that Murdoc just wants to make friends.

I had free admission to the Seattle Pacific Science Center today, so I convinced Tina Turnher and the littlest housemate to come with. The science center is at the Seattle Center right by the space needle.

Look at that sun, people!

The science center was fun. We checked out the tide pool, some creepy bugs, a few boa constrictors, a naked mole-rat colony (I could have watched them for hours), one hilarious mirror that made us look like little people cartoon characters that we made a fool of ourselves in front of for about 20 minutes, a giant table and chairs that made me more clearly understand the point of view of a little person, some animatronic dinosaurs (without people of course), a giant guitar, an actual theremin, a whisper dish...

and a tropical butterfly house...

And now I'm off to plan dinner tomorrow, vacuum, wash sheets, sweep the porch, and maybe get a movie in.

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