Thursday, June 23, 2011

The danger of puppies

Sometimes I think Bubba is so cute that I don't know what to do with him.  He gets kisses, and cuddles, and hugs, and I talk to him (I'm really letting it all out here), but there's still that "he's so cute!" feeling at my core.  There's no relief.

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And part of me is glad I didn't have him as a puppy.  He likely looked like this.

It's too much!  I think I would have just spontaneously combusted from all the cuteness.  Or it would have gone something like this...

And he might not have survived.

So it's good for both of us that I never saw that.

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bajabucky said...

1) I love that you're reading Amy Sedaris - heart her so big
2) I love that you know the "i'm gonna name him george and love him and pat him and squeeze him." i have gotten strange looks over the last 15 years for saying that in mixed aged groups...
3) I feel that had I gotten Jasmine as a puppy we would have a COMPLETELY different relationship and I try not to obsess about it...(yeah, right)
4) i miss you and think you're amazing (which is what i was going to post on your latest post but apparently i have thing for lists, too and didn't want to mess that up so it's here)