Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Saturday in the park

Last weekend, The Violent Offender met me at Mutha Clucker's trike fundraiser at Volunteer Park.  You see, my housemate Mutha Clucker, mother of The Littlest Housemate, needs a new 3 wheeled (for stability!) self-propelled mode of transport for the summer season.  And being that she is currently dealing with a chronic sickness and low on funds she had a little fundraiser with friends.  

It was a beautiful day.

There was a bake sale, musical acts (accordion!), and live poetry readings.  Here's The Violent Offender soaking up some sunshine and watching the entertainment.

With all the food crumbs and abandoned plates on the ground, Bubba wrangling was pretty time-consuming.  I had to resort to giving him treats for staying by my side.  He got some dog treats, muffin pieces, carrots, and even veggie booty.  He does this thing though, if he thinks he's being good, by sitting or laying down, or paying attention to me, and he knows I have treats that he can't believe I'm not giving him, because he's obviously being so good, he'll resort to his version of coercion, which is howling at me.  Here's what it looks like...

It never works, because I don't reward insolence, but yet he still tries.  He does it when his dinner is late and he doesn't want to wait another second, and he did it several times in a dog training class we went to a few weeks ago.

But look, there's food on his face.  Buddy, I don't think you're starving.

One of Mutha Clucker's friends was even a professional face painter!  And by professional, I mean worked at Disneyland for 5 years.  Pretty cool, huh?

And then later that night, The Littlest Housemate and her sleepover friend sang lullabies to Bubba, which put everyone on that bed to sleep.

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bajabucky said...

1) i imagine the howling is way cuter than jasmine's f-u bark (and good for you for not rewarding insolence)
2) tell me you haven't bathed! that painting is AWEsome!!!