Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Kinda sounds like a fun festival or something with the exclamation mark there, doesn't it?

Well, it was not. And I'm using the past tense loosely. I felt much better today, but I felt better Monday too and that was a red herring, so we'll see. Tuesday was when I figured out I had the flu and not just a catchy bad cold. It started Saturday night with a dry scratchy throat. Sunday I was tired and felt pretty bad and stayed in bed just to try to stave it off. Monday proved that didn't work. Tuesday hit me like a ton of bricks and I had my housemate, Tina Turnher, pick me up some supplies - Nyquil, coughdrops, and a Drumsticks variety pack.


They seemed to do the trick. I felt much better today. I took a bath! I played fetch with the dog (who was quaking from too much unspent energy)! I did a couple hours of work! Sure, I stayed in bed for the 4th day in a row, but this time I didn't feel super horrible and I wasn't asleep most of the day.

So ok, Violent Offender, a $12 Walgreens flu vaccine would have been worth it. I didn't choose not to have one, I just didn't do it. My mistake! Next year, definitely.

So, I'll probably be home tomorrow as well (might still be contagious and surely won't have a ton of energy). But I should be able to get some work done, take care of all these dishes and kleenexes that have piled up, and change the sheets from the sickbed variety to the have a boy over for the weekend variety.

That's it for now. Sorry about the radio-silence. It was caused by 1) hanging out with the 21-year old, who happens to be a) awesome and b) moving 2,700 miles away next week, 2) going to Alaska for a week for work and visiting Bajabucky, and 3) the influenza. More on those first two later...


VO said...

Ah man sometimes I let the self righteousness get out of hand. Anyway, what IS that first picture?

Eliska said...

Nah, your bossiness gave me a plan for next year. I don't have a thin skin.

That first pic is a stuffed influenza virus.

sylence said...

stuffed influenza virus, eh? sounds like something the late, great Julia Child might have whipped up in her little kitchen. "today, we will be stuffing an influenza virus. Influenza viruses are native to the Pacific Northwest. Make sure you get a fresh one, too. You don't want your influenza limp and sad."

Glad i could help turn your day around with the variety pack, pal. and i'm honored to be a character in your storybook!

bajabucky said...

alaska misses you.