Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter is my favorite holiday

  • All of the candy (especially fruit-flavored candy) with none of the costume work or begging of Halloween.
  • Also my Easter basket used to contain other gifts as well. Such as this guy. Boy did I love this guy...

Why, I cannot tell you.
  • Easter is really close to my birthday. So sometimes we would have it together. Which meant, Easter basket! Candy! Funfetti angel food cake! With funtetti frosting! All my family there because my birthday is as important as Easter! And gifts!
  • And it means it's finally spring (back when I did not live in the PNW) and summer is coming!!!
So basically Easter for me is like Christmas combined with Halloween, but with none of the snow or work. And ham.

Although none of those things really apply now, and I'll just have to wait for kids in my life for Easter to return to its former glory, I do have a new pastel colored stash in my office candy drawer.


I need a name in your blog said...

Definitely good times. Do you still have Garfield?

Eliska said...

Uh, "Mom"? How about "Mom"?

And no, I don't have him anymore. Unless he's at your house.

"mom said...

OK I'll go by "mom". Doesn't sound very mysterious to me though!! just joking. The video is adorable.