Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cordova. In pictures.

The Violent Offender and I had a work meeting in Anchorage a few weeks ago. So we went to that. It was cool. We ate at Crush as per bajabucky's suggestion. It was yummy and we actually learned some things about wine in Alaska!

But then I took the 45 minute flight to Cordova to visit bajabucky in her new 2,000 person town.

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me in the plane because it was one of the most beautiful flights getting into Cordova going through the mountains.

So this is where bajabucky works. That's the deck outside the building. It's quite pretty. With the harbor and water and boats and mountains and eagles and all.

Inside there's a wooden salmon. I wanted to steal it.

So just imagine you go to work, you drive 5 minutes cause it's a small town. You walk up the above deck, walk by that sweet salmon, go upstairs, sit at your desk, and look right. That's your view.

Then you come home to this dog. Who may or may not have been barking aggressively at your out of town friend the whole time from her crate.

But she's got positive qualities. Like not attempting to eat the 30 lbs of food we made for bajabucky's housewarming party, like my dog would have. Halibut ceviche, carnitas, grilled halibut, battered and fried pacific cod, beans, homemade salsa, and salmonberry cheesecake bars. No, Cordova didn't know what hit them. And yes, the party turned into a 4 person dance party. Twas a good time.

But the other thing the dog can do, is run at least 20 mph. We took her on a 'Cordova dog walk'. That's where we drive, she walks. This dog has unlimited energy and stubbornness so getting her worn out is top priority. She had a good time. See, she's catching up!

There she is!

And I got video.

And then I flew home, ate the tater tot enchiladas bajabucky packed in my suitcase, and proceeded to get the flu.

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