Friday, January 20, 2012


Right now I'm still in Alaska, and due to the ice storm in Seattle my flight home tomorrow might be canceled.  :(  In better news, Bajabucky and I just split a surf and turf at dinner, I met two lovely new people, and I have a massage tomorrow at noon courtesy of my very sweet fiancé.  The massage is well needed by the way because: A. it's been almost a year; and B. I could barely move my neck at all last weekend without scorching pain.  Thank goodness the sweet fiancé also had muscle relaxers.

Anyway.  Did I mention it's -3 degrees here right now?  Which has got me really missing a couple weeks ago when we were in Mexico.

In Mexico!  For Hoeface's 30th birthday with Slutbag and a dozen other friends.  It was pretty epic and involved a horribly swollen ankle injured the first night on a bar trampoline, one of us going missing because he walked home from the bar in rural Baja, a shredded rental car tire, a rental car transmission crushed from the underside by a dirt road rock (this involved a car that would no longer shift, let alone move, followed by a tow by a local mechanic, terror at the potential bill to fix it, a possible day trip into Cabo San Lucas to fix the transmission by an incredibly patient, adventurous, and responsible man, and an ultimate car switch 3 miles from our house by the rental agency and subsequent zero charges due to the foresight of paying for the extra extra insurance), the owner of the rental house getting peed on by one of us, some naked hot tub time, and a horribly hungover drive to the airport in which the car had to be stopped four times.

But we had a lot to celebrate - between the 14 of us we had a birthday, an engagement, a pregnancy, a new job, and a promotion.  I didn't think anything like my 30th birthday would be seen again.  But it has. Yes, yes, it has.

When we first got to Mexico Mr. Renaissance and Slutbag and I stopped at a mega-mart for supplies - including flip flops and a swimsuit for him (the man needs more vacations I think!) and a birthday cake for Hoeface.

These are shoes.  We did not buy them.
Even the grocery parking lot had beautiful views.
The house was beautiful, right on the beach, held 14 people, and cost $35/person/night.  There were surfboards, kayaks, and a wood fired concrete hot tub.

Mr. Renaissance and I got one of the (mostly) private rooms, but to get to it we had to go through the single ladies' bedroom with just a sliding wooden door separating the two rooms.  Where I'm going with this is that the ladies got to hear a lot of snoring.  Which is kind of funny because as soon as a couple of weeks into dating him I already had it tuned out.  So now I never even know if he snores or not because if I'm asleep I don't hear it.  Thank god.

The surf at our house was really big.  It was beautiful and the sound of the waves crashing was so amazing to fall asleep and wake up to, but it also meant we really couldn't get more than about knee deep safely.  That was fun though.

I did way less of this than you might imagine.  Sadly.
So we went to a beginner surf break nearby.  One with quite a few other people.  We sat at a table with an umbrella all day and drank beer, and had a few snacks, and rented surfboards and boogie boards.

Lots of people went surfing, including Mr. Renaissance, Hoeface, and Slutbag.  I didn't want to surf unless I could really spend a lot of time to learn (I do have a bit of self-awareness about how obsessive I am) so I passed.  

I boogie boarded instead.  And when I got tired of hauling that out through the surf I just swam and body boarded.  That was way more fun.  And I kind of accidentally got out into a pretty decent surf break and got a little bit rocked.  That was also pretty fun.  And I wore my swim goggles.  Natch.  

We also did a little shopping in Todos Santos, but didn't really take the time to shop at the edges of town where the decent prices were.  So I just bought a magnet, and a couple Christmas presents, our first Christmas ornament, and some small gifts for the doggy sitters.  Mr. Renaissance insisted on bringing back a sombrero for Bubba.  Since he's part Mexican and all.  

There is one soul in this house who loves it, one soul who hates it, and one soul who feels caught in the middle.

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