Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I guess he likes it!

Well we're starting 2012 off with a bang here friends!  Mr. Renaissance over here put a ring on it!  We had reservations at Joule on New Year's Eve for their special menu.  We were going to have a nice casual NYE together.  And because it was a nice dinner I wore a black dress, blue tights, and heels.  Mr. Renaissance said he wanted to stop by the house renovation because he wanted to check on some things before dinner.  I said sure, no problem.

Once there, he turned some lights off, checked out his work for the day, then grabbed me on my way back into the car.  And right there on the sidewalk in front of the house he's building for us, in which we plan to build a home and family and live for 40 years, he told me how much I mean to him (at this point I thought this was just a sweet way to start 2012), got down on one knee (at which point I was like, "wait, what?"), pulled out a ring (I was mightily confused that he would have had a ring made already), and asked if I would marry him.

So I said, "Of course I will".  And then he laughed at me.

Here's my ring!

It's a round aquamarine set in a band of diamonds.  Of course my engagement ring would be blue, amIright?  It couldn't be more perfect.  

Look, it doesn't even fit on his pinkie.   

We finished the night off with an awesome dinner, then dancing at R Place with The Violent Offender.  And asleep by 4am.  Not exactly the mild night I was expecting.

And then we started 2012 with breakfast at our new favorite neighborhood joint, with texts and calls to friends and family.  And he told me all the details of his secret ring designing.  And that he brought the ring back and showed it to almost my entire family without me being any the wiser.  

So obviously that is the big news over here!  There is so much more to tell you though, so I'll get on that soon.  But not like tomorrow soon because we're going to Mexico on Friday to celebrate Hoeface's 30th with Slutbag and some more friends.

And mark your calendars for sometime in 2013 to go someplace great to celebrate with Mr. Renaissance and myself the official binding of our happy union.  Which is to say, we need to get this house done before we start planning a wedding.


the middleman said...

hooray! It took all of my will power to not call you as soon as I heard the news (you know, so you could enjoy being engaged and all) so I'm so happy to hear the story :) I Couldn't be happier for you guys... whenever I think about you I get this silly grin on my face that won't go away. I hope I can make it out to Seattle sometime soon-ish to meet this Mr. Renaissance. I'll be in Portland in August! Sending you lots of hugs and well wishes,
the middleman

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T-Rex said...

So do I get to take over this blog now? Or are you going to rename it?

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