Thursday, January 29, 2009

Starry Nightmare

Scooberalla and Tiger had their Prom-themed annual party. This year was "Starry Nightmare". The regular cast was there...


Tiger in her amazing planetary prom dress.


Our Domie friend.

Scooberalla rockin' the Domie/Ruhroh Two Guys for Every Girl sandwich.

Sadly, no postable pictures of Bajabucky (probably because she took most of the pictures) or Miss Mountaineer.

Some inappropriateness with the rocket from the picture booth.

Me and Domie. Of course it was a dance party! The cool kids got to be in the corner with the speaker cause the volume was quite low due to pain in the ass, party pooper, complaining neighbors. Sometimes you had to imagine the music.

This Harrison Ford cutout got lots of action that night. Pictures are too inappropriate even for here.

Aaaaand, done.



Halterwhip said...

hahah harrison is getting some ass

behind the camera for a reason said...

like you would not have believed

Prince Gomolvilas said...

He deserves ass. Everybody does. (Well, almost everybody.)