Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'll be 30 (gasp!) in April, but I'll be in Santa Barbara!

Wanna come with me?

It's called "America's Riviera" - how could you resist? It will be sunny, it will be warmish, it will be near the water. We can grill, we can drink, we can go wine tasting, we can hike, we can lounge around the deck in the sun, we can usher in the 2009 High Life season, we can hang out on the beautiful beaches, we can watch the sunset at a rooftop bar, we can (hopefully) raisin in the hot tub, and yes we can go dancing!

The plan is to rent a house for Friday April 17 - Monday April 20. I'm shooting for near the beach or with a hot tub, with costs at or under $50/person/night.

So are you interested in ringing out the last of my youth? I hope so!

1 comment:

laughs at all the 30-year olds... said...

i've been meaning to tell you that i'm in on this. if it's still a go. i've noticed noone else, so i'm in unless it's just you, me and the out-of-towner...then it's just awkward...