Monday, December 1, 2008

Tech Review

Endnote, for those of you who don't know, is a bibliographic database that not only stores all your scientific papers so you are able to search through them, but also automatically creates your References Cited list.

  • intuitive
  • can link your pdf of the paper to the entry in the database
  • makes References Cited much easier
  • you no longer lose a paper that you read years ago
  • incredible tech support. I mean incredible. You can call them during business hours and get a person within a minute. They are very friendly and capable. It's almost unbelievable these days.
  • price - $100 for the student version (and you still get the tech support!)
  • instruction manual is very good and not too long
  • it takes a bit of time to set up
  • you sound like a dork when raving about it
The verdict? Love it! It does what it says without weirdo bugs, but the best part is they make it easy to use with the living, breathing, easy to reach tech support and well-written instruction manual. Not so easy to come by these days for a c-note.

I should do more tech reviews of software. Cause some of it, some of it, I am seriously in love with.


the middleman said...

I agree whole-heartedly. And tell all of my colleagues/ undergraduate interns to get it as well. Thanks for the advice you gave me, Ms. not so single!

Halterwhip said...

Alright lady, $70 through the school with a 1 month free trial. I'll give it a shot!

This shit better not crash my computer though, or you will have a lot to say for youself.