Sunday, October 19, 2008

Don't put bacon in that?!

Oh, oh, I am tired. Three times as long to process your thoughts, get distracted easily, can't summon the energy to do laundry, tired.

Guess what? We went dancing. Surprised? Yeah, whatever, keep it to yourself. Violent Offender, The 26th and I went dancing in the city for Halterwhip's friend's birthday. Some Caribbean-type place. It was tiny. It was hot. But the music was good, and they had drinks made with tamarind. It was a riot watching Halterwhip dodge kisses from some dreadlocked guy. Her jawline received a lot of attention that night.

I danced for 3 hours. Straight. I seriously got tired and by the end my back was killing me. (Question: Can you still count it as exercise if you follow it with pizza at 2 am?).

By the time we finished the pizza, walked back to the car, drove back to Halterwhip's place, and got into bed, it was 4.

This morning we made bacon cinnamon rolls. Intrigued? You just roll up a piece of bacon in refrigerated tube cinnamon rolls and bake it up as normal.

The verdict? I hate to say it, oh god I hate to say it, but better separate. The bacon just doesn't get crispy enough.

I've got a lot of work to do this week. And I plan to impress myself and get a lot done. So now I've got to get to sleep. But I'll leave you with these pretty flowers from near Halterwhip's house.


halterwhip said...

Why the 26th?

Eliska said...

The explanation would be too revealing. You're going to have to figure out this riddle on your own. You can ruminate in lieu of Matlab homework.

hetero--genius! said...

halterwhip, haha! my first time reading. better leave before I get a nickname.

hetero--genius! said...

oh, I just realized I already have a nickname... the shame of being slowwww.