Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dance feeever

It seems Dance Night is multiplying like an infection. First it was Thursday nights, now Friday night too, oh and don't forget Saturdays! Yikes. Here's the deal though. If I go dancing enough, it could be my main form of exercise. How great is that? The ultimate multitasking. Fun + friends + drinks + exercise + music = I'm there.

Last night Scoobarella was in town so I met her, Ruhroh and other friends out for drinks. We ended up at Little Krakow and they had a DJ playing Latiney stuff. We finally ended up on the dance floor. This guy started dancing with me and it was fun cause he was a good dancer. Anyway, I was trying really hard to dance and have a good time without sending out any signals. That's a fine line to walk. After the last song we all went outside and he asked if we could go to coffee. To which Scoobarella replied, "How old are you?" Ha! He replied, "21", which threw me and Scoobarella into hysterics. So he says, "I turn 22 in 2 weeks". More hysterics. He did seem older. He asked my age, I told him, he said I looked much younger. This is either flattering or good game. So then he asked for my number and I told him I was dating someone. He didn't seem to believe me, and it's true, I've used that lie before, so he asked me what his name was. I told him. At which point he said, "It seems like you really like him". "Yes, yes I do. It was fun dancing with you."

The thing is, this guy knew what he was doing. At 21. Good for him.

Tonight is Top 40 night. I'm hoping for Katy Perry and Estelle.

Oh yes, and last night I dreamt about snowboarding.

Ahhh, come on snow!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, snowboarding. Thoughts on a reunion of last years trip to OR? Could be fun...

Eliska said...

Yes, would be fun, but when? Feb? I'm going to VA in March, and somewhere for my birthday in April. We could do my birthday trip in Mount Hood???

Anonymous said...

I like the sound of that!