Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Domestic bliss. Population: 1

Oh dear. Seeing as how I have about a million things to do and the clock is ticking, it's a great time to have a domestic day, right? Yeah, no. In the next two weeks I have to finish the revisions to my first paper, apply to that post-doc, submit an abstract to a conference (and figure out what the talk will be about), and finish a travel grant application. So get on that, yes?


I could go grocery shopping at two different places, do 4 days worth of dishes, polish the silverware, clean the bathroom, sweep the floor, do a couple loads of laundry, and make dinner for 9. Sure, let's do that.

In my defense, I knew I would be having my friends over for dinner and I just realized today that my bathroom, floor and silverware were not to be viewed by one more person in that condition. I know some people who know what I'm talking about here. Good news is, the dinner went well, and just check out the silverware.

Gorgeous, no?

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate this fully. I love dinner parties, and I'm also mad that I don't have a cook character name in this blog. Not that I've ever been mentioned, but that's beside the point.