Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to spend a Sunday just you and your dog

Bubba and I went on a walk in Ballard today. We hit the farmer's market, which was fun for me cause I got lunch there and bought some organic and local apples, and was fun for him cause there were lots of food remnants on the ground for him to obsessively sniff. And he met some dogs, and he got a bite of quesadilla.

He also had his first experience as shopping buddy. Here he is in the Kavu dressing room, helping me try on some dresses...

Cause that's what I need in my life - more dresses.

Well they didn't work anyway. But I did get this bag, which was the point of going there in the first place.

It's a good dog-walking bag to replace my current kavu bag I'm using that is about 6 years old, grungy, misshapen from multiple washings, and with an old-dated cell phone pocket that is now too small. But it served its purpose well.

Kavu makes the best biking around town/dog-walking bags, and they're a small local company and the prices are great. So mission accomplished. And Bubba got a dog treat in the store, cleaned all the stray popcorn off the floor, and left with his own little bag of popcorn for the road.

Yes, I love this place. It's now cemented itself on the list of How to live in Seattle, me-style.

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