Saturday, October 17, 2009

Boo on you, Frontier Airlines

I am not paying $500 after baggage fees to seat in a middle seat for 5 hours, thank you anyway.

Apparently, you must pay for a "Classic" fare as opposed to an "Economy" fare in order to be able to choose your seat assignment. Guess what, Frontier? You are cut.

Due to this shenaniganary, Alaska Airlines is now my one favorite airline. Too bad their price for a flight to the appropriate Midwestern airport for Christmas is $950.

I might be having an iChat video-cam Christmas.

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Halterwhip said...

If the flight's not sold out, just make sure you don't have lots of carry on baggage and wait until everyone else gets on the plane. Then snag an exit row seat or where ever else you'd like to sit. Since most flights charge extra for exit rows, they seem to be the last seats taken.